Basic information
  • Duration

    3 hours

  • Languagues

    Spanish, English, Portuguese,…

  • Without waiting

  • It is accepted a print coupon and in a mobile device

  • Immediate confirmation

  • Meeting point

    Pza de Bretaña, Lugo

  • Arrival

    15 minutes before the exit

  • Access to the celtic fortification

  • Access to the Museum of the fortification

  • Transfer from the city of Lugo, we will pick you up in your hotel

  • Accompanying guide

Before travelling

· This excursion will be held depending on the monument’s opening days
· You should dress according to the weather; since this activity takes place outside.
· The tour will only take place if a group of, at least, 2 people is formed. Otherwise, we would give your money back or arrange a new date for the tour.
· You are able to place your reservation until 2 days (Lugo time) before the tour in case there are available spots.

What will you do?

  • Visit the excavation of the fortification and access to the museum

  • Visit the spring of the river Miño and a small walk in it.

What can you expect?

Celtic fortification of Viladonga and spring of the river Miño

Close to the city of Lugo we find the pre- Roman (or Celtic) fortification of Viladonga, a good and well-preserved example of pre-Roman settlement, dated from the III – V centuries. The “castrexos”, the people who occupied the Galician lands before the arrival of the romans, lived in this kind of settlements. Romans occupied these settlements, changed their structure and developed streets and houses.

The settlement is still being studied; it is possible to visit it almost completely. It can be seen the roots of houses, streets, defensive walls and even some public building. To complete the excursion, we could visit also the settlement’s museum, which is very educational and explanatory.

At 15 km north to the fortification, close to Meira we will find the lake of  Fonmiñá, a lake where are joined subterranean and karstic waters, coming from different springs and from here it starts its way the “father river” Miño, the most important river in Galicia. In this lake we can have a walk and see the sculpture dedicated to the Galician hero Breogán, made by Magín Picallo and Manuel Mallo.

At 10 km northern, in the “Pedregal de Irimia”, there is another spring from the river Miño. It is a glacial moraine where the subterranean water arises from the earth by a small hole. There are many legends about this place, related with the river Miño.

From these two points, the river Miño starts a path crossing through 350 km in Galicia, going through different cities such Lugo or Ourense, leaving and forming spectacular landmarks like Ribeira Sacra, full of vineyards and monasteries, and it ends by making a natural frontier between Galicia and Portugal for 40 km.


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