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Las Catedrales Beach + Ribadeo and Indian Houses

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5 hours



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It is accepted a printed coupon and in a mobile device

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Plaza de Bretaña (Lugo)
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At 10.00 AM from Plaza de Bretaña in Lugo or at 09.30 AM at the hotel


Arrival: 15 minutes before the exit


Access to the Cathedral’s beach

Tour in the city of Ribadeo

Transfer from the city of Lugo, we will pick you up in your hotel

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Cathedrals Beach

Would you like to visit a cathedral on the beach? Between the towns of Ribadeo and Foz, in the center of the region Mariña Lucense, the beach Augas Santas is best known as the “beach of the Cathedrals”, because of the arches and different forms that the Cantabric Sea has been modified in this beach for thousands of years. The special feature is that the arches and the rocks shaped by the ocean’s erosion can be seen only at low tide, since they are covered by the sea at high tide.

The beach has been declared Natural Monument, in order to visit this wonder from the coast of Lugo, it is necessary to make a reservation previously, considering that the massive attendance of tourists has already started to damage the rocks and cliffs. But if you come with us to visit the beach, we take care of everything so you only have to enjoy it.

Close to the beach we can find some other beaches like Esteiro, Castro or As Illas, all of them are included in the protected area Rede Natura 2000 and LIC (place of community special importance).

Ribadeo and Indian Houses

The ideal complement to visit the beach of Cathedrals is the city of Ribadeo. It is located a few km away from the beach; the coastal town is the last one from Galicia before going into Asturias. Its origin is Roman, but it was the marquis of Sargadelos who drove and promoted important and beneficial changes for this town, that is full of lordly houses. Ribadeo remembers every year its modernist past by celebrating the “Indiano Festival” at the beginning of July, in which the neighbors of the town come back 200 years on time. We can enjoy the seafood cuisine from the estuary of Ribadeo, after going for a walk on the city center, we can visit the lighthouse and island Pancha, where currently there’s a singular hotel or we can go to one of many beaches that the town has. In Ribadeo we can find “Indian houses (from the XIX century), baroque churches, the port of Porcillán or the castle of San Damian. Ribadeo also is the capital of the estuary that divides Galicia and Asturias.





  • This activity leaves regardless of weather conditions.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather; since the activity takes place outdoors.
  • It is recommended to bring water, a hat and flip flops.
  • The schedule of this tour is conditioned to the times of rise and fall of the tides.
  • The tour will only take place if a group of 2 or more people is formed. In case of not arriving, you will be offered a refund or an alternative date.
  • You can book up to 2 days before (Lugo time) as long as there are places left.

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